Top Ten Tips For Exellent Results

Not sure if you’re doing things right? Keep in mind these top 10 tips to help you get excellent results from any weight loss effort:

1. Slow the pace down: Time after time studies have shown that if you slow down the Victoria Personal Trainerexercise performed you can cut the weight and still get the same amount of muscle recruitment as you would lifting a heavier weight. This means you can lift lighter and slower with the same benefit as heaving hefty loads but you won’t put yourself at risk of injury. Keep in mind that for maximum results you always want to pick a weight that will make you close to failing on the 12th rep, as this will stimulate the muscle fiber responsible for changing the shape of your body.

2. Put your mind into it: A new aspect of training and body building these days is mental focus and intensity. Many recent studies show that if you focus on your muscles being worked you get more of a workout and see faster results by as much as 30%. Even Arnold was a firm believer in this, years before it became popular today. One of the best books out there on this type of training is by Shawn Phillips, strength for life, brother of the guy who wrote body for life. Shawn’s training philosophy is if you completely tune your mind into your muscle being worked you can do less and still see the same results, which is very similar to the above statement. Put the two together and you will see and feel the difference very quickly.

3. Increase your endurance with carbs: Carbs are the body’s main source of fuel during workouts we do in my Victoria Boot camp class so making sure your body has a good amount of them will prevent you from burning out half way through. About 1hr & 1/2 – 2 hrs before you workout have a snack with some complex carbs like fruit, or an energy bar. My favorite is raw food bars, they are so chewy and naturally sweet with lots of vitamins and minerals and they’re 70% raw. Not only will this increase your endurance but also allow you to have more of an energy output, which means you will burn even more calories and keep your metabolism revved for longer.

healthy good carbs for women

4. Eat immediately after: right after you workout your body gives you a window of 45 mins to replace lost muscle sugars. After that window has closed it takes a lot longer for your muscles to replenish and this can lead to cravings and a unsuppressed appetite. Eating something with simple carbs  and a bit of protein is best as it is the most easily absorbed. Have a small snack of about 100-200 calories right after your workout like fruit, a sports drink with protein powder, or even some fat free gummies. An hour later your body has been prepped to have a nutrient dense meal. Eating like this will dramatically increase your body’s ability to repair and regenerate, because remember, muscles aren’t born in the gym they are made in the kitchen and when you rest.

5. Take time away from the gym: Every fitness professional knows that taking a week off here and there will allow your body to regenerate and grow stronger. For people who are training incredibly hard it is recommended to take a week off at the end of every 7 weeks. For those of you on a weight loss program taking a week off at the end of 3 months is great as well. Make sure to listen to your body for signs of over training which includes: loss of appetite, insomnia, pain in joints and connective tissue, loss of strength and energy, feeling tired all the time, weakness, abnormally high heart rate while doing moderate exercise, and feeling grumpy and depressed. This is your body’s way of telling you it needs time off, make sure to work with your body and you can train for life injury free, instead of ignoring the signs and running into repetitive injuries.

6. Cycle your training: The body runs on cycles, and we respond best to cycles. Cycling intensity, frequency, reps, and sets will allow you to push through plateaus and always see changes in your physique. In my Victoria Boot camp classes we use 4 or 5-week cycles starting with week 1 about high reps and sub maximal aerobic intervals, week 2 the weight increases as reps decrease, week 3 is about controlled reps with heavy weights and lots of focus, keeping the rep range quite low (8-10). Weeks 4-5 are more intense adding advanced training techniques to carve out definition, shed bodyfat without adding bulk, and crank your metabolism through the roof so you burn lots of calories even while you sleep.  This is by far one of the best ways to train as your body will never be able to adapt and you will always see results. For more information about my Victoria Boot camp classes please contact me at 250-383-6946 or email me at

Victoria Personal Trainer7. Add more cardio to your week: adding as little as 20 mins, 3x per week will greatly enhance your metabolism and fat burning capabilities. You can start with anything including walking, biking, marching on the spot, or cleaning the house. Find ways to work it into your day – break it up and reap the benefits of having a faster metabolism all day. Work up to at least 4 sessions of 30 mins or more of cardio. Try it for 1 month and you will notice belly fat being stripped away from your waistline.

8. Have fat with every meal: Yes that is right, eating good fat will actually give you up to 20% more muscle gains in 1 year then none at all. Good fats include shelled hemp seeds, hemp oil, flax oil, fish oil, CLA, borage oil, extra virgin olive oils, and any other cold pressed oil. Use 1 tsp 3x a day for optimum results. Not only will your hair, nails, and eyes shine and sparkle, but you will get leaner and keep it off.

9. Break up your 3 meals a day into small ones:  A great mantra to have is 3 meals two snacks that are balanced in protein, carbs, and fats.  Try to eat breakfast and lunch consisting of protein, fat, and complex carbs, and dinner just protein, fat and fibrous carbs, then two snacks in between. This means being prepared ahead of time, packing food with you and timing your meals to every 3-4 hours.

10. The BEST secret ever to melt fat: I’m going to tell you the secret to amazing workouts, to a flat stomach, to a healthy complexion, to a fast metabolism, to controlling hunger, to staying regular, to high energy all throughout the day, no never having to drink coffee again, to being happy and feeling good, to peak performance! Are you ready?… Drink tons of water!

healthy water for women

About 10 cups a day of pure spring water, not treated in any way with all its natural minerals intact. Everything you do, every time you breathe, move, think, everything you do, requires water. The synovial fluids in our joints is 90% water, our bodies are 80% water including our brain! Drinking water is the best secret to improved performance and everything else listed above. Try it for a week and I guarantee if you had to take a mid afternoon nap before, you wont have to any more… and you’ll probably lose 2 lbs as well!

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