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By Jannine Murray | Personal Trainer Victoria Fitness

Jan 15

If you have ever wondered how some women manage to balance a family, staying fit, healthy eating and running a successful international company then you must read this for some great tips and advice!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Alice Bracegirdle, creator of Bellyfit international.

alice bracegirdle

She is a powerful example of a woman who is living an inspired, healthy life in flow with her body and its rhythms, as well as following her dreams and passions.

As a busy woman I know the importance of daily rituals or practices that keep you connected to your healthy way of life and I wanted to know what Alice does for this too!

She starts her day with tea and a smoothie consisting of soaked almonds, hemp seeds, big stalks of kale, frozen fruit, banana, 1/4c flax oil, raw cacao, spirulina or other superfood powders.

Then she goes for a walk with her daughter to bus. She also ends her day with a bath.

“Every single day it brings me back to centre: I use lavender, essential oil, candles, music, and meditation and my whole family knows that this is momma’s time” .  

What Alice Eats To Stay So Lean And Vibrant!

Despite what you might think she is not vegan or vegetarian.  She is really sensitive and  doesn’t  eat wheat at all!  If its pasta, its rice pasta. She eats lots of whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, millet, organic amazing meats, fish and local organic chicken, tons of veggies and fruit, as well as a fair amount of juicing.

Her big new years resolution has been to completely cut out sugar!  This is the hardest thing anyone can do and she feels that every system is working better and she feels way more in control.

What Makes Alice So Amazing:

She hasn’t faced any major health conditions and didn’t really have major body issues as she was born into a very blessed situation: She had amazing parents and a community that was very connected to the earth.

She has always been a powerhouse but when she found herself in a dis-empowering relationship, she realized how important women’s health is:

alice bracegirdle“when I am not empowered in my body; spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally, I am not empowered in my life”

It was from this wisdom she was able to create her life’s work inspiring and empowering women to get re-connected to the power within their bodies and ultimately their lives.

Take Her Advice:

Diet:   “Get away from processed foods and start eating whole foods. All cookies, pieces of bread , crackers or pasta is not real food its processed!!!  We have to accept this truth and start eating natural, unprocessed whole foods straight from the trees and gardens they are grown from. If you want to experience any change, bottom line!”

Foods that have changed her life are super herbs:  lots of tea:  good oils like flax, hemp, and fish, probiotics, nutribiotics, hemp and goji berries.  She eats lots of leafy green veggies like kale, lettuce, spinach, sprouts, steamed bok choy and chard and when she doesn’t eat enough of it she feels the difference!  “Its all about the acid/alkaline balance….  And getting rid of sugar!!!!”

Fitness:  “Movement is my medicine and it is so powerful! The key is for women to find the movement that they enjoy!  It’s Gotta be enjoyable.  Find an activity, breathe deeply, get the energy flowing and adjust your schedule, as you have to do it frequently!!!!   And make sure to sweat!!!”

Balance Your Body To Balance Your Mind:

Like all women she gets self defeating thoughts as well.

She has found though, that this is usually when she’s tired or low blood sugar or pms-ing or hasn’t exercised in a few days:  “As I become more connected and into my body, I recognize that my physical state and any deficiencies in my body, will affect my metal state and essentially make me depressed.  It is way easier to be productive, motivated and self-loving if I’m high on dopamine.  The chemistry in the brain is connected to our bodies and directly affects your thoughts.  Most people think its other way around. ”

Thousands of women all around the world are a constant reinforcement that Bellyfit is needed.  “I keep getting the message “ I need to move my body and I need to do it in a way that feels good, in a feminine way, in a spiritual way”  We need to start in the body!!!”

Her Women’s Wisdom For You:

“Women are the center of the community and if the women of the community aren’t healthy,  then the rest of the community wont be healthy.  We need to step into this  responsibility.  !!!  Lets create a global phenomenon!    As women, we need step up, empower ourselves, balance our body/mind and make change!”

alice bracegirldle

Thank you Alice for being a light for all of us women:)

Love and Gratitude

By Jannine Murray


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yogakat8@yahoo.ca January 17, 2013

So inspiring! I’m looking forward to seeing Alice at the Yogathon this Saturday Jan. 19th. I’m grateful Bellyfit is a sponsor of the Victoria Yoga Conference Feb. 1-3 too.

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