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By Jannine Murray | Boot Camp Victoria For Women

Jul 22

Look as beautiful as a movie star, capture your inner beauty into a picture, have your inner goddess shine through in a professional photoshoot with Sophie

photoshoot victoria

This was my experience with Sophie photo.  I was looking to feel glamorous, beautiful, and be able to say “I did it” and glammed myself up for a photo shoot here in Victoria.  Like most women, I’ve always wanted to try a professional photo shoot but I never had the confidence or belief that I could look as good as a model in photos.  I had always dreamed of having a professional photo shoot where I get to dress up, have my makeup done, be treated like a movie star and discover what it feels like to play that role for a day.

 photographer victoria

What I didn’t realize is once I got the pics back, I was shocked and astounded at how beautiful they were.  I saw aspects of myself I had always felt inside but have never seen reflected to me in a photo.  The energy Sophie had captured with her photos..was breathtaking.  I actually teared up and cried thinking about when I am old, I will look back with my grandchildren on those photos and listen to them say ‘wow grandma, you were so beautiful!”

Jannine Murray, photoshoot victoria


I didn’t realize what an important thing something like this can be for a woman.. not just for her but all of her loved ones she shares her life with.  The photos themselves turn into something of a pure reflection of her inner beauty, something she can have forever frozen in time to remind her..  This didn’t occur to me until I remembered when I would look at photos of my Mom and Grandma and admire how beautiful they were when they were young.

Jannine Murray, Health And Fitness Specialist

Not just that, but as women we walk around with the most negative crap about who we are and the look and shape of our bodies and most of it is just that , crap!  You may look at these photos and think “what the hell does she have to feel self conscious about”  but I am just like you, self-conscious, waking up on fat days, breakouts, wrinkles ect… I think of all of this and judge myself on it just as much as any woman.    But I also know there is a goddess in me that is dying to come out and be captured and expressed and voila!  Sophie did just that!  This is why the photos look so good:

Photoshoot Jannine Murray

victoria best photographer with Jannine Murray

fit womans stomach


I was super nervous and insecure and thinking about all the ways I would look horrible in the pics, all my blemishes and imperfections and how un-photogenic I am blah blah blah you know that story.  But working with Sophie and listening to her guide me through some poses I really started to get into it and relax.  Watching her come to life and get so excited and grateful to be working with me was really amazing. 

You can tell its her passion, its what she loves to do:  Take women who feel self conscious and don’t believe they are beautiful and pull out the inner goddess within them and snap a photo at the same time.. its really amazing!


I think its something every woman needs to do for herself, so she can see it and be reminded of the true beauty within her.. and its something I am so grateful that I did and now have that reminder.

head shot with victorias best photographer


Sophie loves what she does. Period!  I am so impressed I had to write this blog post about it.  If you are looking for the best Photographer in Victoria I highly recommend you work with Sophie Photo.  She will make your inner goddess shine and bring her to life.. and give you the photos of her, so if you ever doubt your beauty, you will have them as a reminder for the rest of your life.


Thank you Sophie for bringing my inner goddess to light!

photoshoot with jannine murray


 Jannine Murray photoshoot



photoshoot with jannine murray


By Jannine Murray, Health And Fitness Specialist

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Kathryn Kusyszyn October 31, 2013

Thank you Jannine.
Sharing your experience is inspiring to me. I really appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable with your words and also with Sophie. She is a true professional serving a much-needed purpose. Yes, we are all Goddesses and it’s time we allow ourselves to own this aspect of ourselves. Sophie does a brilliant job of bringing these Divine aspsects to light. Your inner beauty shines. This is the lasting quality that will still radiate when you are a Grandmother. The physicality will change, your Goddessness will not.

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