Feb 22

Choco-chip Cookie Dough Protein Fudge!

By Jannine Murray | boot camp victoria bc , Fat Fighting Recipes , gluten free desserts , Personal Trainer Victoria Fitness

Swap your Sunday cheat meal with this amazing recipe!  High fiber, high protein, no added sugar, good fats, no baking required, you wont feel guilty! Ingredients: 1 Can organic chickpeas: rinsed and drained 1/2c Organic Coconut milk, light from can 1/3c Organic Peanut butter or other fave nut butter 2tblsp Organic raw Coconut butter, melted […]

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Jan 28

Jannine Murray, Personal Trainer Victoria BC, “Get Fit” Strategies:

By Jannine Murray | personal trainer victoria bc , Personal Trainer Victoria Fitness

jannine murray personal trainer victoria bc

 My holistic daily practice of fat loss, staying slim and toned, building chi, feeling inspired and grateful to be alive strategies as a Personal Trainer-Victoria BC. I have been Personal Training and teaching Bootcamp in Victoria BC since I was 19 years old and have really dialed in what works and what doesn’t. I keep […]

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Nov 13

My Personal Training Clean Eating Strategies

By Jannine Murray | Boot Camp Victoria Fitness , Fat Fighting Recipes , Featured , personal trainer victoria bc , Victoria BC Fitness

Have you ever desired the expert opinion of a Personal Trainer or Nutritionist to build the perfect meal plan for fat loss, energy and mental clarity?  What about how to finally overcome those sugar cravings and out of control energy fluctuations and mood swings that follow? Even as a personal Trainer in Victoria and health […]

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Apr 25

How Can I Get Lean

By Jannine Murray | Boot Camp Victoria Fitness , Boot Camp Victoria For Women , Personal Trainer Victoria Fitness , Victoria Bootcamp

If the word BIKINI gives you anxiety and all you can picture is people staring at your embarrassing trouble zones, then you need these exclusive tips I use as a Personal Trainer and Exercise Specialist to lean out and feel confident about my bikini body:   1. Start doing HIIT intervals for cardio: I’ve started […]

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Mar 19

Health Foods That Make You Fat

By Jannine Murray | Fat Fighting Recipes , Featured , Personal Trainer Victoria Fitness , Victoria BC Fitness

So called health foods that get lots of attention and used in your favorite recipes could be the culprit behind your inability to lose the weight, especially around your tummy! 1. Agave Nectar: Talk about sugar!  This is way sweeter than normal sugar and has  a higher fructose sugar content than any other sweetener including […]

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