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Apr 17

Wow this Boot Camp Victoria BC has lost a total of 33 inches in two months!  These measurements were taken from January 2013 to beginning of April 2013 from only a few of the women in the class.  Each month they lost a total of 16.58 inches!

1. Danielle R.: You should see this woman when we are doing cardio kickboxing wholly kicks of furry!  Since her new years goals she has lost 2 inches off her hips, 2.2 inches off her waist, and a half inch off each thigh.  Amazing results!!!

2. Tiffany D.:  Holy moly has lost 2.9 inches off her waist, almost an inch off her hips and a half inch off her chest.  Nice work Tiffany!!  You should see her star jumps, and if you dont know what a star jump is, then click here to sign up for a FREE class to find out:)

3. Elita R.: Elita is a busy mom, and a manager of a very busy salon yet she still puts herself first by waking up super early to get to the gym…  and to bootcamp!   She has now lost a half inch off her chest, 2 inches off her waist, a half inch off her hips, and an inch off her thighs!  Nice work Elita!!!

4. Stephanie H. :  OMG wow probably the biggest difference so far:  She has lost a half inch off her chest, 4.2 inches off her waist!!!! almost an inch off her hips and gained some sexy muscles in her legs, wow!!  That’s a lot of inches off the waist!

5. Pixcel S. : Another busy mom and doesn’t always make it to the bootcamps but the little she is doing its still paying off!  Everyone keeps telling her she is looking great and its true!  She has lost almost two inches off her arms, almost two off her chest, and 1.2 inches off her waist.  Keep it up Pixcel!

These bootcamps are effective even though we don’t train a lot.  We use specific techniques, attention to detail, complex training principles, mindfulness and intention setting before, during and after the classes that create a journey of transformation on all levels.

All true change starts from within, and these bootcamps focus on cultivating the highest vision for the participant, infusing this feeling into each and every rep using only the best exercises for fast results, and then watching as transformation happens on all levels of their being.

It truly is a beautiful process and one I am humbled to be a part of.


If you are ready to make a shift towards your ultimate self, the person inside of you who is aching to come out, and align yourself with a trainer who will bring out the very best in you, then you should come and try a free week of my Victoria Bootcamp on me:) 

Join a community of women who will inspire you to transform, remove your excuses and all those layers of self criticism and look and FEEL amazing!  All you gotta do is fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you asap to set you up with your free week.  Class is almost full so take action now:

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Much love, health and gratitude

Jannine Murray Personal Trainer Victoria

By Jannine Murray, Health And Fitness Specialist

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