“The Best Boot Camp Victoria BC To Lean Down, Shed inches, Train Mindfully & Love Your Workouts-

Jannine has been teaching boot camps in Victoria BC for over 11 years and has helped hundreds of women just like you lean down, transform their tummy, hips and thighs and feel absolutely sexy in their bodies once again. This Victoria bootcamp guarantees results up to 4 inches off your waist in the first month!

Jannine Murray victoria personal trainer

Hey Victoria, my name is Jannine Murray and welcome to my Victoria Bootcamp page.  I want to show you how to regain your health, happiness and self confidence by joining with a bootcamp that gives real life results, a powerful community and all the tools you will need lose your troublesome weight, gain strength and tone, and build your most beautiful body yet.   I have been teaching fitness Bootcamps in Victoria BC since I was 19 and I want to share all my women’s specific transformational training programs, fat-melting routines, advanced exercise tips, weight loss secrets, healthy eating principles and recipes so you can look and FEEL  absolutely delicious in your own skin again.

I want to ask you a serious question…


Are you tired of doing this…

eating sweets

Or feeling like this….frustrated woman trying to lose weight

And definitely feeling this…muffin top in yoga pantsDid you say yes to all three?

Ask yourself, “how much weight have I gained over the last year or so…what would my body look like in 1 year from now if I keep doing what I’m doing..” What about in 5 years from now, 10 years?  If this thought scares you then I dont need to tell you..

You need start now..

and I would love to offer you a free week to get you started.  But this is only for you if you are so fed up with feeling bloated, tired all the time, lacking motivation and constantly letting yourself down with every workout, as well as slowly watching your body lose its shape, tone, and pack on the pounds…..  You NEED to start now!

What Makes Jannine’s Victoria Boot Camp So Effective?

  • Women only, indoor Boot Camp Victoria BC

  • Burn up to 800 calories with Jannine’s 1 hour fat blasting sessions

  • Never get bored with your workouts again and leave feeling like a fitness goddess!

  • Maximize fat loss while building lean, toned, tight muscles with Jannines specific training principles

  • Target your women’s trouble zones: Tummy, Hips, inner thighs, under arms and of course the Bootay!

  • Monthly measurable results and accountability

  • Jannine’s exclusive 41 Day Diet Plan that will have you glowing and leaning out 80% faster than training alone

  • Guaranteed results if you follow the 3 month training program

  • More than 12 years experience and hundreds of testimonials

  • Lots of love and ongoing support to reach your goals

  • Goal setting, mindset techniques to get you laser focused on your ultimate vision of yourself

Every class you will be challenged, pushed and supported as you face your pain and weakest moments, together as a group, with my love and encouragement, to transform your relationship with your body, create life long results, and look and FEEL the way you know you deserve.

Check out the results of some of the women who said “sign me up!”

bootcamp victoria before and after

Alisha trained with me for about 2 years and totally transformed her body within the first few months!  She signed up for a Bootcamp challenge and lost all her post pregnancy baby belly and got so buff her arms beat mine haha!  She trained with me about 4x a week and followed the Bootcamp diet plan.  I look forward to having her back soon:)

amy before and after bootcamp victoria

Wow is what you think about when you see Amy’s results!  She started off in my Victoria Bootcamps for about 4 months and lost her post pregnancy weight of 30lbs after having two kids!  

boot camp victoria bc before and afterShe found that she wanted more of a custom program to help her shed the last 10 lbs so we switched to personal training and a few months later, she sent me this “after” pic and my jaw dropped when I compared the two!

She has now lost even more weight and everyone compliments her all the time!

Victoria BootcampLaila was one of my very first Victoria Bootcamp clients and her story is truly inspirational!  She trained with me for a few years and made so much progress, she truly did transform body, mind, and spirit.    She lost 21lbs of body fat, totally reshaped her trouble zones, beat her eating disorder of about 8 years, and ended up switching careers to follow her passion in raw cooking too!

Victoria BootcampMelissa was one of my Bootcamp clients a few years ago who really looked like she was in pain every time she trained, haha, but hey it paid off!   She always gave her 110% in every session and pushed herself so hard, no wonder she saw the pounds drop away within a few months.

She just sent me an email the other day saying how much she misses my training and is coming back soon, cant wait!

Victoria BootcampI love this woman Debbie!  She has been with me for so long now and still is in the Bootcamps, if you come and try it you will get to meet her!   Over the years she has trained with me, she has lost an amazing 11 inches off her waist and balanced out her physique with the strength and conditioning exercises I teach.

She once went to the celebrity trainer Tommy Europe’s bootcamp and then came back to tell me mine was way better!

bootcamp fitness victoria bcMeet Autumn, Mom of one, who went from flab couch potato to fitness goddess!  When she first came to me she had never stepped into the gym and really noticed she was tired of feeling tired, run down and skinny fat!  She trained hard each session, just the 2x a week, and over a period of a few months her body composition changed from soft to firm, toned and youthful looking.. and man did her arms look great in a tank top!

She lost 11 pounds of fat, about 7 inches off her waist, a whole inch off each thigh and seriously toned up!!

boot camp victoria bc results

And then there’s Danielle, a friend, my photographer, and my client.

She had never done a bootcamp before and didn’t know where to start when it came to leaning down and getting stronger, so she signed up and ended up losing two inches off her thighs.. the exact place she wanted!

So are you ready to be inspired, look and FEEL amazing and get results like these?

Then I want to remove all the risk and give you a test drive of my results guaranteed bootcamp…

Sign up now for your free week!  Fill out the form below and I will get you started ASAP

Just fill out this form below and I will personally contact you within 24 hours to book your free week of my Bootcamp.  As of February, 2015 this class will be full for 6 months as people don’t leave very often!

The fact that your reading this tells me you haven’t found what your looking for.. and I am confident this is it! Your time is now!

Come and “test drive” the class to see for yourself:

Class Times:

Tuesday, Thursday evening at 6:50pm at 2940 Catalyst waterfront

Wednesday eve at 1059 Fort Street, Catalyst private gym.   Investment in self: $204 including tax per month.

The next class is Tuesday the 30th but its almost full, claim your spot and contact me today for your free week!

As I always say to myself when I’m making excuses, “love yourself enough to show up”

That’s the hardest part, once your there I’ll take care of the rest:)

“I want to show you how to transform your body into its most beautiful state, and love every minute of the process.  Join my bootcamp and start on your journey to optimal health, happiness and authentic self-love.”

fit womans stomach

By Jannine Murray

Personal Trainer Victoria BC, Women’s Fitness Bootcamp Instructor

“Be Inspired, Get Results”


PPS:  This offer will only be available for one more week, then I’m shutting my doors as my class will be full!  Stop putting your fitness goals on hold and be an action taker, contact me for your free week, you will be so inspired you will see results, I 100% guarantee it or I will refund every penny you invest!

I want YOU to be my next new years transformation, contact me and lets get it goin girl!!!!!!


  1. Audrey Meuse says:

    What a beautiful picture,

  2. Cristal Noakes says:

    My girlfriend Elita told me about you and I would love to join bootcamp but at the moment I am a student and don’t have enough money. I also have two young children at home with me. I hope to be able to join soon and transform my body!

  3. Kayla shaw says:

    Hi. I am hoping to lose weight fast before the summer, and came across you’re Facebook page through some friends. I am intersted in your training program and was wondering what your prices are for the boot camp ? Thanks.

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