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Jannine has been teaching boot camps in Victoria BC for over 14 years and has helped hundreds of women get fit, lean down, transform their tummy, hips and thighs and feel absolutely sexy in their bodies once again.

This Victoria Bootcamp guarantees results up to 4 inches off your waist in the first month!

jannine murray personal trainer victoria bc

Hey Victoria, my name is Jannine Murray and welcome to my Bootcamp page

I want to show you how to regain your health, happiness and self confidence by joining with a bootcamp that gives real life results, a powerful community and all the tools you will need lose your troublesome weight, gain strength and tone, and build your most beautiful body yet.

I have been teaching fitness Bootcamps in Victoria BC since I was 19 and I want to share all my women’s specific transformational training programs, fat-melting routines, advanced exercise tips, weight loss secrets, healthy eating principles and recipes so you can look and FEEL absolutely delicious in your own skin again.

Chelan has lost 20lbs in a few months, overachieving her goal! She signed up for the Bootcamp after everyone she knew kept telling her about my Boot Camp and to her surprise she lost the weight with ease.

She was completely shocked once her boyfriend made her step on the scale.

Corrine is now called the incredible shrinking woman as every Boot Camp class she looks smaller and smaller!

She has now lost about 16lbs and going!

Sue bootcamp victoria bc transformation

Sue has completely transformed after starting in the Victoria Bootcamp.

She always raves to everyone about how her life has been transformed after training and following the nutrition tips and recipes included in the Victoria Bootcamp program.

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What Makes Jannine’s Boot Camp So Effective?

Powerful Training Techniques

Maximize fat loss while building lean, toned, tight muscles with 3 classes per week, more than 14 years experience and hundreds of testimonials.

Weekly Meal Plans

Dial in your diet for faster results, re-build a healthy relationship with food and your body, nourish yourself for natural weight loss

Structured Weekly Training

Receive workout videos and cardio programs every week to do outside of bootcamp, build your healthy fit lifestyle with the right tools and expertise, create a rhythm for healthy success.

Measure Your Success

Receive a 30 minute initial health assessment when you sign up, find out exactly what your body needs to create success, watch as you progress and see measured results every month.

Dolly has been with me for about 1 year now and has overcome her puffy weight gain after some health issues and continues to look more and more beautiful every class!

Rose after 1 month of boot camp victoria bc

Rose has just started in September and has already begun to transform, look at her curves! I am so grateful she said yes and can’t wait to share her success story in a few months!

Angie had never done a Bootcamp class before or lifted weights and has had an incredible transformation over a few months!

I’ve heard so many people commenting on how amazing the workouts are. For myself, I’ve been around the block….believe me….I’ve had many years of personal training and attended a few bootcamps….and nothing compares to your style. Or energy (even when you’re tired!) Your workouts even kick Tommy Europe’s butt. Big Time! Anyway, I wanted to send you some positive feedback and let you know how much I appreciate you!! If these classes and/or you go away, I’m sure I will not be the only sad one. (So, who knows what the follow-up email says…..but all my comments are still valid!!)

Debbie Lee,

Victoria BC

Come "Test Drive" the class to see for yourself!

Tues, Wed, Thurs evening at 7pm

2940 Jutland Road, Catalyst Waterfront, Victoria

Investment in self: $204 per month.

Rose after 1 month of boot camp victoria bc

Danielle has been training with me for about 3 years now and her results and passion for fitness and training is incredibly inspiring!

Colette has toned up beautifully and is very happy with her new shape!

Every class you will be challenged and supported together as a group, with my love, encouragement and expertise, to transform your relationship with your body, create life long results, and look and FEEL the way you know you deserve.

Rose after 1 month of boot camp victoria bc

As I always say to myself when I’m making excuses,

“love yourself enough to show up”

jannine murray personal trainer victoria bc

With Love and gratitude,

Jannine Murray

Health And Fitness Specialist

“Be Inspired, Get Results”

Women’s Bootcamp, Personal Training, Dance Fitness


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