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By Jannine Murray | Boot Camp Victoria Fitness

Jan 14

If you want some top knotch secrets to maximize fat loss, get lean tight muscles, feel full of energy, and glow with beautiful skin them check out some of my best kept secrets on what to take before and after your workouts.

My Bootcamp and Personal Training clients have been asking me a lot about this recently: What can they take for energy during workouts, what should they eat after in order to see gains and keep their energy high throughout the day.. and I have the perfect recipe!

Pre Workout: 

For me I love superfoods!  They give your body incredible building blocks to use for rebuilding a healthy, lean and optimally performing machine.  You want to take all of these about an hour before your workout with about 2 cups of spring water to allow them to fully absorb:

raw cacao

1. Raw Cacao:  This is the highest antioxidant in the world, has high amounts of chromium and magnesium to support muscle contractions and blood sugar levels, super high in iron and does amazing wonders for your skin, hair and nails!  It also releases seretonin, the feel good chemical, in your brain making you feel great, as well it has naturally occurring caffeine to give you a  bit of pep.  I cannot stress the amazingness of this product enough!!!  Since I have been taking it my skin just glows and my muscles pop with nutrient density.

Take 2-3tblsp ground raw organic cacao with some water

2. Cordyceps:  This is a medicinal fungi that acts as an adapotgen and supports the adrenals when humans ingest it.  It has been popular in Russia and China for centuries for improving the immune system, increasing athletic performance and slowing the effects of aging.


Take 2-3 caps or 1tblsp of powder with some water

3. Vitamin C: There is so many functions this little miracle antioxidant does but its great for women as it inhibits free radical damage and collagen breakdown(wrinkles) and keeps your skin beautiful and glowing!

Take 5000 mg with some water

4. B Vitamins: These are great for stress on the nervous system, formation of red blood cells, metabolizing hormones, supporting the adrenal glands as well as synthesizing essential molecules.  Choose one that has high amounts of B6 and B12 especially.

Take 1 of 50mg cap with water

During Your Workout: 

Drink about 1-2 more cups of pure spring water.  Hydration is key, 75% of North Americans are chronically dehydrated.  Drink un-processed, pure clean spring water with all of its minerals intact.

Post Workout: 

This is when your body has now become acidic and free radicals have been released.  You need to alkaline your system and take certain nutrients once again to inhibit free radical damage, as well as provide macro nutrients in an alkaline state like protein and some carbs for proper muscle rebuilding and metabolic processes.

1. Alkaline Support With Protein: Veggies and Hemp do the trick!  I use a product called Conscious Planet Shapeshift mix.  It is all veggies and hemp protein shake mix and totally 100% alkaline, giving you 6 servings of raw organic veggies in one shake as well as 15 grams of Hemp protein, the only complete protein that is alkaline forming.  It is one of the best products on the market I have ever come across!

shapeshift conscious planet

2. Minerals:  Minerals are so important!!!!  If you want to keep your muscles and skin tight this is key and so overlooked in our society.  Almost every single thing we do takes minerals out of our body through acidosis, and our soil is so depleted from minerals it is essential we supplement with this.  I use the mineral elixir called Genesis by Conscious Planet in my shake mix above.

Genesis conscious planet

I will juice a few carrots and throw these together, and also take the same amount of Cordyceps and Vitamin C right after as well with a cup or two or water, all depending on how intense my workout was.  If you train with me in my bootcamps, you definitely need two cups!

Then about 1 hour later I will have a whole foods meal consisting of lean protein like chicken, turkey or fish, lots of veggies like chard, kale and steamed yams, lots of sea salt, herbs and lemon for flavor.

These are my best secrets for crushing workouts and looking lean and beautiful!  If you liked this post please share with your loved ones, and make sure to fill out the form below for my free 7 Day Abs Program:


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By Jannine Murray




Victoria Personal Trainer, Womens Bootcamps

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