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By Jannine Murray | personal trainer victoria bc

Jan 28
jannine murray personal trainer victoria bc

 My holistic daily practice of fat loss, staying slim and toned, building chi, feeling inspired and grateful to be alive strategies as a Personal Trainer-Victoria BC.

I have been Personal Training and teaching Bootcamp in Victoria BC since I was 19 years old and have really dialed in what works and what doesn’t. I keep up on all the latest information from some of the best sources in the world like Dr. Christian Northrup and Nutritionist to the stars Donna Gates,  and it has brought myself as well as every client I work with, so many life transforming results I want to share with you.

jannine murray personal trainer victoria bc

Lets be honest ladies, its not just about calories in calories out, exercise or losing weight, its about feeling so good in your skin, improving your self confidence because your keeping your commitments to yourself, and feeling connected to who you really are.  When you are connected to your authentic self, all negative habits and limitations fall away and its easy to be healthy and shine with vitality: because you love yourself enough you are inspired to do so.

We need to consistently remind ourselves of our true self with an all encompassing daily practice of a the right foods, moving the body, affirmations and intention setting, breath work, and the art of mindfulness and self reflection.

 How I Start My Day

I consider my mornings “me” time, this is my time to set the tone, intention of my day, get connected, wake up, flush and clear and prep myself for showing up with my best face forward.  I don’t talk to my personal training clients or check emails, I do the things below to facilitate feeling so good, grounded, clear, focused and full of inspiration so that I can transfer this power into every personal training session, interaction and every deed I do during the day:

1. Wake up: Be grateful to be alive!!!  As soon as you wake up your brain is still in alpha state, this is our natural state and when we are most creative and able to program the subconscious mind.  Since the subconscious mind controls about 99% of what we do, its smart o utilize its power and how it influences us in our lives. I take a few minutes to breathe, be grateful for all the things I have in my life, and start my day with this appreciation ritual.  I focus on my breath and breathe this feeling deeply into each and every cell then project this feeling into my whole day in my minds eye.  I imagine myself moving and holding this feeling as I go about my day, and things happening easily and effortlessly for me, and picture the tasks I have to do.  This is also a powerful technique called psycho-cybernetics that some of the best business coaches and self made millionaires use.

2 . Flush and wake the body up:  2 big glasses of spring water with a scoop of Glutamine, liquid plant minerals before anything else.  Glutamine is the second most abundant amino acid in the body and essential for healing the gut lining.  You need to be taking it if you eat gluten, wheat, dairy, have gas, bloating or GI issues…  Healing your gut is essential for weight loss ladies!!

3. Have some caffeine:  Yup I do!  It’s actually considered a health food now and as long as you don’t overdose its great for your aerobic workouts!!

4. Nourish my body:  Make my secret power smoothie:   2 scoops Conscious Planet Shapeshift, 1/2sc whey protein isolate, 1/2 a banana, 1tsp MCT oil.  I let this sit for about 15 mins while I’m listening to something inspiring on hayhouseradio.com or reading something that gets my mojo goin:)

5. Move my body: I strap on my fave new shoes, turn on my satellite radio on my phone and do morning cardio outside in nature: takes me about 45 mins to 1 hour: I always listen to my body and do a variation of steady state some days, running or sprinting intervals, or steady state followed by fast hiking up this hill by my place.  This inspires me and wakes me up, makes me feel alive and grateful and I make it a moving meditation practice.

Meditation is when you observe the thoughts arising in the mind,  detached from their emotional component and at peace with their existence.  After a while thought ceases to arise and you experience something called a zen like state.  Martial artists call it “no mind” and athletes reach this state in high performance and call it “the zone”.  It is when we can access our greatest potential and allow for faster transformation and fat loss to occur, as it affects your serotonin, dopamine, oxytocine levels: all of these facilitate metabolic processes, reduce inflammation and create feelings of euphoria as well as lowers cortizol(the stress hormone that makes you store bellyfat and crave sugar!)

4. Set my intention for the day: Find a quiet place and just take a few minutes to breathe into the moment, release any attachments or past and future projections, letting go of any need to get something in order to be happy, and just expand my energy outwards.  I feel into my heart space and ask myself a powerful question:  “What is my intention for this day?  If I could create anything what would it be?  What is going to allow me to show up more authentically and help more people today?”

“How do I want to show up for myself today?”

Every day we have a choice to continue to react to life or create it intentionally and show up as a life architect.  We can choose to live life from a victim mentality or start living life in alignment with our highest vision and intention.   I choose to be a life visionary, and I channel the feeling of this image, this vision, this intention into each and every breath, fill my heart, my body, all 60 trillion cells, and release everything else.  I do this for a minute or two, then I spend a moment just feeling gratitude for the day at hand, the moment, and the luxury of having this insight into life.

5. Post workout nutrition:  Come home connected to my highest vision, full of my intention, gratitude and power!!!  Then indulge in my my post workout blue goddess smoothie:  1/2c blueberries, 1/2 banana, 2sc Conscious Planet Shapeshift, 1/2sc all natural chocolate whey isolate, 1tblsp blue algae, 1tsp maca, 1/2tsp leucine: so freakin good feels like a cheat!

The algae is a powerful superfood, the maca an adaptogen and feeds the adrenals, the leucine supports greater lean body density, whey protein for muscles and the conscious planet shapeshift well.. it is hands down my “secret” I cannot live without.  There are very few products that are like conscious planet!

Plan To Succeed With Food Prep:

I saute a whole bunch of veggies like broccoli, brussel sprouts, green beans, cauliflower, carrots and peas in some miso broth, Mrs Dash and a bit of coconut butter, and cook up my protein for the day like steak, chicken or fish: about 4-5oz for each meal.  I steam my complex carbs like yams, squash or potatoes separate, about 1 1/2c worth.   I throw this in a big container and I can munch on it all day, this is usually about 3-4 meals worth.  I then make one more post workout shake for after my weights in the evening consisting of  1sc all natural whey protien isolate, 1/4tsp leucine, 1tblsp blue algae, 1tsp MCT oil.  I also bring a banana just in case.

I try and make sure I eat every 2-4 hours, eat just until I’m full, and include fermented veggies like raw sauerkraut with each meal, about 1-2tblsp. Your metabolism, your immune system, your hormone production are all determined by the microbes and bacteria in your gut, you need to feed them and keep a consistent supply of good bacteria to get a lean beautiful body and clear skin!

My meals consist of about 4-5oz of protein, lots of fibrous veggies like broccoli, brussels, green beans ect, and then about a fist size of complex ones like cooked carrots, peas, squash, yams, potatoes, and for grains about 1/2 a cup.  If you really wanna lean out only use 1/4 -1/2c of grains and get your complex carbs mainly from veggies.  I see a difference in two days after eating like this!!  Also, make sure to add good fats to every meal.  Right now MCT oil is all the rage as it is amazing for fat burning, metabolic processes, your brain, crushing cravings, and killing candida in the body(a yeast that inhibits fat loss, makes you crave sugar,  and suppresses your immune system)

And of course a huge ass bottle of spring water with liquid minerals in it!  For a clearer understanding of how to structure your meals read this article on how to build your own meals for belly fat loss

Staying Focused And Mindful All Day:

This is truly the ultimate challenge, where your daily practice is tested and so is your resolve to choose who you want to be.  The mind is tricky and fills with lots of to dos, stuff that needs to get done, wants, desires and worries, but you don’t have to be a slave to it when you practice mindfulness.

Whenever my mind starts down the path of stress, worry, anxiety, or fear based thoughts and questions, I consciously bring my awareness to the moment and choose where my attention goes and how it makes me feel.  This is important as not only does it reduce stress but it also allows you to stay in your powerful state of awareness.  This is where you consistently anchor back in alignment with your intentions, your life vision, and create an affirmation to hold you in that feel good space.  For example, if I’m particularly tired that day and I find my mind going “oh I’m so tired Ill never get through this day I don’t want to..”  I’ll re script this to ” I relax and let go of the need to push and enjoy the process of moving slow today”

If I’m stressed about the future and I find my mind going “all these things I need to buy and pay for”  I re script to something like ” I let go of the fear based mentality of not enough and I am grateful for all the ways abundance shows up in my life”

Pay attention to where your mind is focused, if you don’t like it and wouldn’t consciously choose to create it, re-script to something empowering and inspiring.  Stay focused on where you are going and what you want to create, let this vision carry you there through your consistency and commitment to your potential.  Life vision and affirm with your heart, passion and intention, and you will create the subtle shifts it takes for life transformation!

Pumping Iron Like A Goddess

Ladies if you want to build a tight, lean physique with curves that make you feel like a teenager you gotta be lifting!! I do weights about 3-6x a week on top of my cardio.  Once again I listen to my body, break up my body parts throughout the week so I can really zone in on my trouble zones.  Along with weights I also add my mental focus within each and every rep and set.  I visualize the muscle and the end result, and imprint this into each and every breath, rep and set.  I leave my workouts inspired, fired up, and totally connected to my vision.  I swear I see changes overnight!!!  I have started incorporating trisets, plyometrics, and high intensity intervals, followed by days of Pilates like movements.  I make sure to hit my muscles from a variety of angles and intensities for total development.


If you want help carving out your very own exclusive weight training routine you can contact me here to set up a free fitness consult for personal training session.


My Personal Transformational Therapies:

As you have probably guessed I’m all about pushing my comfort zones, releasing my shit and expanding into an unlimited human being, and that involves working through the past pain story we all carry around with us and identify with.  One of the healing therapies I am currently doing on a regular basis are Reiki Treatments with Kathryn at Kats Clinic.  Reiki is hands on energy healing, and I consider it a way of filling my battery, as I am always giving.  This has been so transformative and healing for me.. I highly recommenced her for anyone who “gives too much” and dealing with a high stress lifestyle.  You can contact her here for more info and to book an appointment

The End Of My Day:

This is probably one of my favorite times.. there’s nothing left to do and I can just think about all the amazing interactions and moments I had during the day, fulfilling my Dharma and creating my dreams.

This is a time of reflection, gratitude, and journalism on any insights an epiphanies I may have had.

Before bed I will make sure to take my probiotic to help heal my gut and repopulate with fat burning good bacteria, as well as the very powerful antioxidant melatonin for sleep.  I have ben cutting myself off from the Mac and phone around 9pm to ensure my brain starts winding down and I get to bed at a good hour.  This is super important for weight loss and proper hormone balancing, as the light that shines into your eyes from such sources will trigger your brain to stay awake for hours on end.

Just before I go to bed I’ll do a bit of journaling: asking myself “What were the steps I took to move myself towards my goals, what didn’t I do and why?” I use this for the next day, as I’m falling asleep envisioning myself moving in alignment with this more strongly and confidently.

Once again the last 5 minutes before you fall asleep is a very powerful time to program your subconscious mind for success.  You can do this with any issue in your life: weight loss, immune system, eating, finances, love, success, whatever you want!  It’s these subtle shifts that when acted upon consistently and over time, create the lifestyle, body, experiences, relationships,  you desire to experience.

Remember, you are not just this body, this life, and all you have, you are an immortal being in this mortal body having a human experience.  In order to succeed at total transformation, all bodies have to be addressed; mental, emotional, physical, spiritual.

Please message me if you have any questions at all:)  Let’s chat jannine@janninemurray.com

Much love, Health And Gratitude

Jannine Murray personal trainer victoria bc

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