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Need to kick some bad habits of skipping workouts, eating the wrong foods, sitting on the couch and eating cheezies, or spending too much time on facebook?  If you are ready to start making some changes but lack the inspiration and motivation to do so, watch this video as I shed some light on why you’re struggling so much.

Tips To Making Healthy Habits Stick:

1. Do what brings you to life: what your passionate about!  Let this enthusiasm for movement and enjoying life carry you to your success, ride it with all your vim and vigor and do it every day!

2. Get support: join my Womens Boot Camp, hire me as your Personal Trainer or get a workout buddy!  Make sure it will be someone who motivates and inspires you!  Having support and someone to hold you accountable will increase your results by 80%

3. Write out a self concept statement of who you want to be:  make sure to put it in the present tense as if it was already happening now(the subconscious doesn’t know time), and only use positive words(no don’t not and no).  Read this as soon as you wake up and just before you go to bed to re-program your subconscious mind.  This alone has changed my life, as the subconscious mind controls 99% of what we do!

4. Connect to nature every day: get away from your computer, TV, and comfy way of life and get out for a walk to the beach or forest!  Breathe in the fresh air, feel grateful that you are alive and can enjoy the beauty around you!  This is your life, you only have one, and how you live your moments is how you live you life.

5. Cultivate self love: this is by far the BEST way to change self destructive habits such as skipping workouts, eat crappy food and say “what the f*&ck, I dont care” when facing temptation.  Before you make another decision to put yourself in a dark room with a donut, ask yourself  these few questions:

” Is this decision out of self love or fear?”

” If I really, really loved myself, what would I do?”

“How am I going to feel after?  What would my life look like if I continued to make decisions like this… is this what I want?”

” Is this going to move me towards my goals and my new self concept, or keep me stuck in the old me?”

And lastly, focus on your successes, surround yourself with people who inspire you and cut out the negatives and the ones who keep you rooted in your bad habits.. You cannot change and stay the same.


If you need serious help and are ready for some life changes I am definitely the one you should contact:

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Much love, health and gratitude

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By Jannine Murray, Health And Fitness Specialist

Womens Bootcamps, Personal Training, Dance Fitness, Lifestyle Coaching

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