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Apr 25

This could be stopping your weight loss

By Jannine Murray | clean eating , health and wellness , Personal Trainer Victoria Fitness , Women's health

measuring tape for weight loss

Sneaky weight loss saboteurs no-one is talking about plus the action plan you need to reverse your weight loss resistance:If you have been eating clean, counting calories or macros and hitting the gym regularly yet you aren’t seeing that pesky layer of fat budge(if anything it’s accumulating over the years) then read on, these not […]

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May 20

Burn More Fat With This Cardio Trick

By Jannine Murray | health and wellness , Personal Trainer Victoria Fitness , Victoria BC Fitness , Women's fitness , Women's health

jannine murray personal training

Cut your cardio workouts in half, burn 6x more fat and get a leaner, tighter physique with this cardio trick. Its super easy, simple and you can start with one session per week and see results.    I just finished another session of this type of HIIT training today and I watched my heart rate stay elevated […]

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