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By Jannine Murray | health and wellness

Sep 15

I hear this a lot “ I’ve fallen off track, I’m stuck in a rut, I need to get back on track with my health and fitness goals” 

It happens to the best of us, including me! This year did not go as planned whatsoever, with COVID, the passing of some loved ones, mental and emotional exhaustion, lots of wine and boredom... Lots of opportunity to go within and let go of more layers that actually block my greatness.  Can you relate?

Well the good news is it’s never too late to “get back on track” with health and fitness goals and it can be easy enough to begin today, in an imperfect way. 

So how can you get back on track with ease? Getting back on track doesn't have to be hard at all if you implement these simple areas to focus on, check it out:

1. Take care of your foundation 

What are the top few things that if you do them every day you will feel amazing? What are the self-care practices and non-negotiables you need to balance out every day to honour your mind, body and spirit? Make a list of a few of the most important things that bring you balance, energy, mental clarity and a sense of inner alignment. 

Personally I need a really good morning routine that consists of hydrating, an antioxidant rich smoothie, an epsom salts bath, reading an inspirational book for 10-20 mins, and some writing. And of course exercise! I exercise every day whether it’s in the form of just a walk or hike, hitting the gym, or just an at home yoga and stretch practice. Moving my body is life!

The most important thing is cultivating that inner sense of connection, energy and alignment. We are creatures always seeking to feel a certain way, so focusing on how you feel instead of doing a certain thing for an outcome can be a powerful shift for getting back on track to how you want to FEEL.

2. Feed your spirit

This definitely ties into the above, but it is a good thing to keep in mind when you want to be inspired.  Even that word, inspiration, means in-spirit, to be filled with spirit. Feeding our spirit can come in the form of reading a book from some spiritual teachers, listening to their podcasts, meditating, nature time, or connecting to higher minded individuals. 

For me personally I just picked up the book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari '' and am getting back to my daily practice of reading a high vibing book for 10-20 mins in the beginning of my day.  I know this elevates my mind, heart, my focus, and offers my consciousness new perspectives that colours everything else I do including what I share with all of you. I consider feeding my spirit an essential part of my everyday routine, just like brushing my teeth or having my fresh fruit smoothie every am:)  To me, living a life without spirit as my fuel is a life wasted pursuing things that will never make me truly fulfilled. 

3. Flow instead of control

A lot of people convince themselves that when they are stuck in a rut or out of alignment they need more personal discipline and self control or tend to restrict or cut things out, when this kind of mentality can create more pressure and struggle within.  It really doesn't have to be like this if we take personal transformation from a place of flow instead of control.  Because honestly, when has control and restriction ever worked long term?

Flow can nourish all of the above, creating a flowing sense of well-being that allows you to get back on track from that inner sense of ease and self-love, instead of force or white knuckling your transformation. 

Flow can happen when we ditch the all or nothing attitude and just do 10% more than the day before.  When I’m stuck in a rut and picking myself up seems like a daunting task, this is how I usually challenge myself to get back into flow.  I gently and lovingly remind myself that I don’t have to do it all in one day but just 10% more than yesterday is good enough. Doing 10% more every day quickly turns into a heck of a lot more, once energy and vitality has been created. Energy and vitality will be created with the steps above combined with this one.

After all, the most important part of the practice is to fall in love with the process instead of romanticizing the end result. If the process doesn’t bring you what you seek, then the end result certainly won’t. 

Don't put your happiness into the future, bring it into the here and now, this day, this moment. Be with what is, breathe into your whole heart with gratitude for all that you have and all that you are, and watch how flow carries you into your doing. 

4. Return to your original self

Who are you beyond your stories, drama, labels, relationships, hardships?  Who are you beyond this lifetime? When we sleep and dream, this life of ours and all the stories that define our personality are dead and who we are in the dream is real.  When we wake up, all the stories of who we were in the dream world are dead, so who are we really?  

That which never changes is real, the part of you that is beyond everything you identify with in this life or the next, your eternal self.  Can you connect to the ever present awareness that is the source within you?  Can you stay connected to this “source within”  while you hold everything else in loving kindness?  Can you expand your consciousness beyond the drama that is human life, while at the same time having compassion for the human identity? 

This is a practice I have returned to myself, and It has been a powerful reminder to me that who we are is not this form or anything that we are attached to. I have reminded myself that we give way too much meaning to the minutia and drama of our life and form, and forget that there is the eternal part of ourselves that has never changed and will never be touched or affected by any of it. 

Connecting to this eternal, ever present awareness can bring expansion and deep healing, as we move through life's difficulties and challenges with deep compassion for our human self.  With this deep compassion, we can gently hold all aspects of what makes up our personality and character in this lifetime.

Getting back on track is an inner alignment, a return to thyself in a way that is elevated beyond life circumstances, your original self.  Once you have this inner connection, all things can be easy, can be peaceful, and can flow from your source connection within.  Your being transforms all your doing. 

May you move with the grace of your inner source connection into all you do and wherever you go my dear friend, all you need is within you, just as it’s always been.  xoxo

Lots of love and gratitude 

Jannine Murray, Health & Fitness Specialist

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