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By Jannine Murray | clean eating

Apr 25

Sneaky weight loss saboteurs no-one is talking about plus the action plan you need to reverse your weight loss resistance:

If you have been eating clean, counting calories or macros and hitting the gym regularly yet you aren’t seeing that pesky layer of fat budge(if anything it’s accumulating over the years) then read on, these not so obvious culprits may be hindering your results:

1. You have undiagnosed endocrine issues: 

An alarming fact I found out from Dr. Christian Northrup, the world's leader in women's health and body wisdom, is about 80% of women have undiagnosed  subclinical hypothyroidism, that means that you can be in the normal range of a thyroid test yet still be suffering from weight loss resistance, sluggish metabolism, low immune system, low energy, and 10-20lbs that won't budge. 

 Along with improperly functioning thyroid comes estrogen dominance, creating a higher body fat profile and more fat storing hormones. Excess estrogen also naturally suppresses the thyroid so the two go hand in hand and need to be treated together.  If the thyroid is stressed, guaranteed the adrenals are stressed as these two systems are the energy work horses of the body. 

Other undiagnosed endocrine issues that could be affecting your body's ability to burn fat include weekend and stressed adrenals, Polycystic ovarian syndrome, borderline type 2 diabetes and blood sugar issues, chronic fatigue, and chronic inflammation.  

I see these everywhere and almost every woman who turns to me for help is suffering from one or a combination of the above. Signs of sluggish or improperly functioning thyroid include hair that breaks easily, the beginning of a widows peak, hair loss, thinning or disappearance of the lateral eyebrow, weak brittle nails that chip, lowered immunity, weight gain of 10-30lbs despite diet and exercise, low energy and chronic fatigue, slow digestion, constipation, chronic inflammation, cannot stay warm/always feel cold, and low libido. 

If you think this may be your case then please read on and make sure to read the bottom where I discuss the solutions and action steps you can take 🙂 xoxo

2. You're being exposed to too many chemicals & hormone disruptors

Counting calories and macros are important yes, but so are hormones. 

Exposure to "xenoestrogens" in our modern toxic lifestyles happens at an alarming rate. Stats say that the average woman is exposed to about 516 different hormone disrupting chemicals everyday from mediums such as cookware, body-care, makeup, bathing products, cleaning products, hand sanitizers, perfumes, receipts, air fresheners, pumping gas, heavy metals in air, tap water, plastic products and exposure, chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides) in non organic fruits and veggies, hormones and antibiotics in factory farmed meats, flame retardants on clothes especially if they come from china, and alcohol.  All of these create xenoestrogens, estrogen hormone mimicking compounds that suppress your endocrine system from functioning optimally and cause weight gain. 

If you can accept that these things are real and be aware, then the solutions are quite easy, it just requires some due diligence on your part. I have outlined some very powerful ways to reduce the toxic load off your body and endocrine system below. 

3. You're cells are starving 

Consider the lifetime you have spent making all the poor food choices, all those donuts you ate during the winter, the ice cream, the chips, it impacts your liver for months and years to come and it creates deep cellular inflammation which doesn't just go away magically, unless you know what you’re doing and take a proactive approach.  This chronic cellular inflammation will inhibit nutrient exchange for months to come as the damage accumulates in the body causing degradation to the cellular matrix walls of each cell, responsible for nutrient and waste exchange. 

When this occurs over a lifetime, our bodies become chronically dehydrated and starved of nutrients as our cells grow less and less pliable and efficient at regenerating properly. The great news is it's completely reversible if you follow the steps I have outlined below. 

4. You're liver is sluggish

The liver is truly the root of all health and is easily overburdened from a lifetime of poor food choices, chemical and heavy metal exposure, all forms of constipation, high sugar+fat combinations like ice cream or any treats, table salt, bad fats and oils, moderate to high fat diets like chips, cookies, ice cream, cakes, medications, pharmaceuticals, and viruses.   Sure the liver regenerates itself but only if you give it the means to do so.  With allopathic medicine's misunderstanding of the liver this way, it's no wonder non-alcoholic fatty liver disease affects at least 25% of the population for a reason and there are quite a few different stages of this type of liver damage and disease. 

If you’re experiencing poor digestion, acid reflux, undigested food in stools, bloating, belching, gas, SIBO, bad skin, breakouts and acne, rashes and psoriasis, dermatitis, any lower bowel issues such as colitis and crohn's, estrogen dominance, and 10+lbs you have a liver issue that needs to be addressed. 

5. You're diet is too acidic

I see a lot of women who say they eat clean yet they barely eat any vegetables or fruits and instead fill up on too many grains, processed vegan treats, cereals and breads, animal protein, animal fats, processed foods, coffee, alcohol and tap water.  Even too much cooked food tends to create too much acidity in the body, once again leading to poor cellular function and nutrient exchange.  Having an acidic lymph system will impair the liver's ability to function optimally and burn fat, plus it creates a beneficial breeding ground for bad bacteria and viruses to flourish, which can affect gut health, endocrine function, energy and metabolism.

6. Too many "little treats"

This is a really common thing I see (I used to do this a lot myself!)  just too many food rewards after only a few days of eating clean. When I used to work with women one on one I would get them to keep a food diary so I could see what was going on with their hormones, as almost every person would say "but I eat so clean yet I'm so frustrated".  Sure enough it was the case of a day or two of eating clean, then a few glasses of wine one night, then a cheat or a reward, then perhaps a little binge here and there, then a day or two of eating clean then a cheat or reward etc. 

If this is you then bringing more awareness to this self sabotage cycle is key and taking the time to track exactly what goes in your mouth will help. Try keeping a food journal for two weeks so you can objectively look at any patterns or cycles you are unconsciously doing. 

 If you are suffering from endocrine/metabolic issues, giving yourself at least 1 month of clean eating with no alcohol is essential to allow your body to shift and start seeing progress.

7. Cardio over weights

Sure yoga and cardio is great, but if you're not lifting at least 3x a week you won't see results. A good rule of thumb to remember is if you really want to change your body you have to resistance train 4-6x a week, if you just want to maintain it's 2-3x.  Many women think their 2-3x a week at the gym with yoga and cardio on other days is enough and it really isn't, especially as we get older. Too much cardio or long cardio sessions also wears down the thyroid.

8. Too much alcohol

Sorry to say but a glass of wine or two, or three per week is way too much. Alcohol disrupts muscle protein synthesis catabolising any gains you made in the gym, damages the liver, spikes excess estrogen like nothing else, and robs the body of important nutrients while destroying the gut.  Sure red wine has some antioxidants but they come with a high price to pay, please don’t buy into the hype about how it’s good for your health, it’s not! 

What you can do about it and action steps to take:

  • Follow my Spring detox strategy as outlined in my most recent blog post here to clean out your liver/lymph and blood
  • Plan to hit the gym at least 4x a week or train at home with weights 4x a week.  Click here for my latest and greatest course "The Swimsuit Transformation"
  • Move everyday, try and be more active instead of sitting or laying around a lot, take at least a daily 20 min walk to stimulate mitochondria because if you don't move it you will lose it!
  • Along with the detox I outlined in my blog you may want to work with a natural doctor and get tested for your vitamin D, Iron, B 12, Zinc and a full thyroid panel. Vitamin D and Zinc are important for healthy hormone levels, muscle building and lean body mass, B 12 and Iron deficiency can create fatigue and adrenal exhaustion like symptoms, and it's really important to optimize the thyroid levels.
  • Work with a natural Doctor who understands the root causes of mystery illness and endocrine disorders.   Find someone who focuses on reducing heavy metals in the body and killing off viruses like the Epstein bar, shingles, different strains of herpes and chicken pox viruses.  It would be even better if they are familiar with Anthony Williams the Medical Medium and his teachings.  Do your research and find a practitioner who can support you to get to the root of your mystery issues. 
  • Pick up the book "Liver Rescue" or "Thyroid Healing" by the Medical Medium and devour it to learn about the root cause of mystery illnesses and endocrine disorders.
  • Maximize your sleep and balance your thyroid with lemon balm, mint, & thyme tea at night.  Lemon balm helps regulate the thyroid while killing viruses that can create sluggishness,  while mint and thyme are great for anti viral and gut health.
  • Go organic on all your veggies and meats
  • Educate yourself and read all labels so you know what you’re exposing yourself to. Some rules I follow are I don’t touch receipts, I use natural mineral based makeup, fluoride free toothpaste, drink only filtered, structured water, use essential oils instead of perfumes, and I make my own cleaning products using hydrogen peroxide,  cleaning vinegar, baking soda and essential oils.
  • Detox from heavy metals using high doses of Hawaiian Spirulina, barley grass juice powder extract, sweet potato, apples, and oranges.
  • Eat estrogen lowering foods like broccoli, kale, collard greens, broccoli sprouts, Brussel sprouts, asparagus, and leafy green
  • Give yourself more time than your ego wants, and that means 6 months to a year at least of loving hard work on your health. 

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns xoxox


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Shelley Sacks April 26, 2019

Do you consult privately?
I live in Tokyo Japan

    Jannine Murray April 26, 2019

    Hello Shelley! What sort of support are you looking for? I am open on a case by basis basis yes! xoxo

Christine Kautz July 9, 2021

What is the brand of multi mineral do you use/recommend??
What brand of apple pectin do you use and how do you take it (time of day, empty/full tummy, how much)

    Jannine Murray July 20, 2021


    I really like the new chapter minerals, and as for apple pectin there are lots of natural and pure options on amazon. go for the one that has no fillers and ideally organic

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