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Jannine Murray personal fitness trainer

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Jannine has been personal training women of all ages for over 16 years in Victoria BC.

She has a diverse background in martial arts, dance, weight training and holistic nutrition and unwavering dedication to find just the right techniques that really work!

Her continued passion in having the most effective fitness training and fat loss programs out there make Jannine Murray one of the best Victoria Personal Trainers.

Are you struggling with...?

  • Impossible, unsatisfying diets that rarely work
  • Feeling like your stomach, hips and thighs are turning into a “dead zone?”
  • Procrastination and putting it off till tomorrow, next week, hey why not next year??
  • Never having enough energy
  • Not knowing what to do in the gym
  • Feeling uninspired with your workouts- hate boring cardio machines
  • Out of touch with your “glow” and vibrancy
  • Feeling stressed out and reaching for fattening foods
  • Negative self talk and a negative relationship to your body

Does this sound like you?

If so, I am so glad you found yourself here!

Jannine Murray personal fitness trainer victoria bc

Hi, my name is Jannine Murray

I have been studying fitness since I was 16 and I guarantee 100% that however complicated your weight loss seems to be, I can drastically change your body once and for all, just like I did with mine!

I can show you the workout strategies, programs, routines, diet advice, nutritional coaching and mindset you need to make your personal fitness transformation lifelong and life changing.

I'll be honest with you, it really wasn't easy for me...

  • eating disorders,
  • self- worth issues,
  • lack of motivation and discipline,
  • depression,
  • low energy AND I was a smoker and ate pretty unhealthy.  
  • I would go from starvation diets, to binging, to hours of exercise, back to binging, to beating myself up for not achieving my goals, and then comfort myself with MORE BINGING.

I was fed up with looking and feeling like crap all the time and dedicated myself to getting results.

victoria personal fitness trainer jannine murray

I really started to find my groove and glow and would have strangers literally run up to me to ask me what I did to look so healthy and fit.

That’s when I knew I had found my true life’s work, my passion, and I made it my business to provide the most effective personal training, fat loss and fitness training programs.


Meet Nancy – she lost about 6 inches off her waist and toned up so beautifully she looked like a fitness model! We trained hard 3 times a week for 3 months.

I gave her exactly what to do when it came to diet and exercise to get these incredible results. She is so modest and sweet, she was so shocked when I showed her the after pics.


“Jannine is so amazing, she helped me lose over 60lbs, regain so much body confidence and figure out how to eat for energy and staying young.

I didn’t have any confidence in the gym, and she supported me and allowed me to find what I was really missing.. loving my self!”


Marlowe lost over 20lbs and got in the best shape of his life training with Jannine 3x a week and following the clean eating meal plan.

His results were so astonishing to everyone. He said every day people would ask him what his secret was to getting so fit and healthy.

Forget about starvation diets

I will give you some guidelines that will drastically and quickly change your body composition from flab to fab combined with inspiring calorie blasting workouts that will give you results guaranteed.

Become a fat-melting machine

... with my tricks to lose fat in your sleep! We are going to maximize your hormonal response to your food with cycling your macro-nutrients.

Cut down your gym time

... and never have to wonder if your doing the right thing again. You are going to be learning so much and building your own personal store of done for you workouts.

Rediscover who you truly are

You will develop a clear vision of who you want to be and IMMEDIATELY see and feel results! Sometimes we need someone to hold that highest vision of ourselves on our dark days when we can’t see it.

You will discover everything you have hoped you could be- is inside of you.

I’m just here to remind you that your fitness goddess is who you really are!

Its time to let your authentic self shine with health, vibrancy, beauty and self love!

prsonal training results in victoria bc

Serena’s story is truly amazing! She came to me after two knee replacement surgeries and severe back pain, but with a strong desire to lose the weight and tone up.

Her doctors also told her she would have to have another knee surgery as her knee started bothering her again.

Within 2 months of training with me, she was running, training, and enjoying life again and her knee had no pain! I showed her how to train with her limitations and heal, create programs that build instead of destroy, and gave her all the diet plans she needed to take 3.5 inches off her waist, and almost 2 inches off her legs.

Victoria personal trainer

Parm was a very lucky client as she won a total body transformation package of 6 months of training.

I coached her on every aspect of her lifestyle: fitness, goal setting, mental techniques for banishing defeating beliefs, food prep, diet, supplementation, sleep patterns, fitness, cardio, and weight training.

We totally transformed every aspect of her life and she just glowed after 6 months!

She lost so much weight and became such a happy, beautiful, peaceful person, it was a blessing to be apart of.

Victoria personal trainer

Sylvia was one of my first clients several years ago and so dedicated! She trained with me 3 times a week and followed my nutrition programs and all the coaching I gave her.

Within a few months she got so strong and fit everyone would tell her how amazing she looked all the time!

She then joined my bootcamps and was one of the powerhouses in class kicking everyone’s butts on pushups and plank holds.

amy before and after bootcamp victoria

Amy, age 35, trained with me for about a year. She started off in my Victoria Bootcamp then when she lost a lot of her post baby weight of two, she decided she needed more specific results that only personal training can deliver.

We then did about 4 months of personal training where I educated her and equipped her with all the tools and programs she lost a whopping 30 pounds of post baby fat and now looks even better than before her pregnancy!

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The Kickstart Package

Get results started

  • 1 hour health coaching call and assessment
  • custom clean eating meal plan
  • custom 3 month workout program
  • 1 one on one personal training session


Credit card or PayPal payments.

The Groove Package

Get your groove back

  • Initial 1 hour health assessment
  • custom clean eating meal plan
  • 2x a week one on one personal training sessions
  • new workout programs every session
  • 3-half hour health coaching strategy sessions
  • 12 follow along workout videos to target trouble zones

$849 / month

Credit card or PayPal payments.

The Master Package

Master your body & a clean lifestyle

  • Initial 1 hour health assessment
  • custom clean eating meal plan per month
  • 3x a week one on one personal training sessions
  • new workouts every session
  • 3- 1 hour health coaching strategy sessions
  • 12 follow along fitness videos to target trouble zones
  • 12 class punchcard to jannine’s bootcamp
  • all the resources you can need to make you a master of health and fitness!

$1350 / month

Credit card or PayPal payments.

Angie Rashbrook Victoria BC

“I had been thinking about joining a class and getting a trainer for a long time but I sat on the fence about it until...I came across Jannine's site. Something about the light in her eyes compelled me to reach out to her by email.

Jannine is an amazing trainer and as importantly, a compassionate and caring human being. If you're afraid or intimidated about joining a gym or fitness class (I was super chicken!!) don't be...take the leap, make the call, come try it one time and you will be hooked!

We work hard, but it is SO fun. Jannine provides modifications for those who need less or more intensity and demonstrates all the moves.

It's a great experience and you definitely owe it to yourself to come try it out. It'll only be the first time once...from then on, you'll be a regular. Jannine is a gem of light!”

I want to work with you if you are ready to make this commitment to showing up for yourself, be willing to release your negative self image (its obviously not working for you otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) and make the lifestyle changes you need to transform into your most beautiful self.

You don’t need to be perfect in any way, all you have to be is willing to be vulnerable and open to a new way of being.. One that is calling to you deep down and reminds you that you are out of alignment with your true self.

Your body is your vehicle for awakening, it needs to be treated with great care and have all needs met if you want to live a miraculous life.

I want you if you are ready to live life miraculously!!


Contact me now to take that hardest, smallest step towards your miraculous life and beautiful new body!

Jannine Murray personal fitness trainer victoria bc

With Love and gratitude,

Jannine Murray

Health And Fitness Specialist

“Inspiring the world to optimal health”


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